Should I get myself a CPAP cleaner?

The history of CPAP machines has been over 40 years and they have provided relief in the form of therapy for millions of people with respiratory problems and sleep apnea. At the same time of therapy, it is also quite important to keep the CPAP machine clean.

The most recommended way to clean the CPAP machine is to wash with hot water and soap, or even vinegar, which is also the most acceptable way to clean almost anything. With humidifier systems and heated tubing, your CPAP equipment can be a very humid place, which is also the ideal place for fungus, yeast, and mold development. So when you clean your machine with water, how hard do you ever tried to keep the water chamber and tubing dry?

With this potential problem, Ozone CPAP cleaners, like the Rescare Cleaner have become popular, as it uses Ozone to thoroughly clean the CPAP tubes and the water chamber. Comparing to washing by hand, it would only take one click to finish the whole cleaning circle. And since it only uses ozone to sanitize, you don’t even need to worry about the drying of the tubing.

Should you get yourself one? The answer is obvious indeed. Compare with other CPAP cleaners have a more competitive price, but with similar functions and quality. More importantly, you can always reach us after your purchase. Click the image for more information.

Rescare M3 CPAP cleaner

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