Is Ozone Safe?

One of the most asked questions is the safety of ozone. From Google, you can see words like ‘ozone is toxic’ and this makes you worry a lot.

However, when used properly, ozone is safe enough.

You may have read a report by a federal or state agency warning to be careful of the danger of too much ozone. But the key information on this report is too much ozone.

Sure, breathing in overly high ozone levels is not good or even bad for you. But low levels of ozone are all around us and are safe to breathe in.

Fun fact is that ozone has been used for decades in medical facilities around the world as a way of eliminating viruses and harmful bacteria. 

One of the more interesting uses of ozone is by many municipalities to disinfect drinking water. They prefer ozone to chlorine because ozone does not create the reaction by-products like chlorine does, which can form organochlorine compounds that remain in the water after treatment. More importantly, ozone just breaks back down into oxygen. Therefore while high levels of ozone are toxic, within a short time ozone reverts back to non-toxic oxygen.

When you are NOT in the room at the time, it is completely safe to use ozone at any level, as long as you wait until the ozone reverts back to oxygen to re-enter the room, which takes only about an hour or two.

So the answer to the question can be quite simple, yes, the ozone can be used safely.

The ozone generator of our cleaner will only release ozone at a quite low concentration, but enough to sanitize the CPAP masks, tubing, and the machines. If you still worry about it, keep cleaning aside and use the CPAP machines 2-3 hours after the cleaning. Then the ozone remained will revert back to oxygen again.

Finally, I hope you can have a great shopping experience at Rescare.

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