Dust, mold and many other harmful allergens or bacteria can fester and grow in CPAP machine items left alone and uncleaned. Whether you use your machine at home or on-the-go, it’s important for your health that you maintain your device to the clean condition. As a device that provides continuous air for those that struggle with respiratory or breathing issues, unclean or unsanitized accessories can leave you susceptible to countless ailments. So how do you choose the best way to keep your accessories clean, and yourself healthy?

Most people will choose to use soap and water, since it is the most wildly used solution to clean. The global pandemic, known as COVID-19 is teaching us an all important lesson: Antibacterial cleaning solutions are generally more effective than normal soap counterparts, and that it’s significant to eliminate harmful bacteria as quickly as possible. If you’re using a CPAP device, you should be already cautious about respiratory issues and the harm that unclean accessories can do. Then what is the best way to eliminate mold and bacteria from your CPAP mask and tubing?

The Rescare CPAP Cleaner is an efficient and effective CPAP companion device that uses Ozone to sanitize your CPAP device’s tubing, mask and more. This simple system uses an effective form of Ozone otherwise known as Activated Oxygen. By adding one molecule of oxygen to ordinary room temperature air, the Rescare CPAP Cleaner is able to harness ozone and become a reliable CPAP companion. And thanks to its portable size, you can bring it anywhere when you go travel.

CPAP machines convey consistent oxygen, and meanwhile, they also provide many with security, health and safety. It’s important to maintain the integrity of those machines in the best way possible: ensuring that they both work as well as what you expected, and that they don’t harm those that they’re designed to help. The Rescare CPAP Cleaner is the best option to support your CPAP, BIPAP or APAP accessories effectively and efficiently, whenever and wherever you need to!

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